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Projeto Paradiso

Olga Rabinovich Institute

Review of several texts in English and Spanish used in newsletters, newsletters, project website, consultation material, catalogs and the like, as well as materials from Show Me The Fund, a platform made in partnership with the Brazilian Content projects and Cinema do Brasil.

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Mansão Golden Shower​ (2021)

Bento de Santo Homem

Bento de Santo Homem is the pseudonym of André Azevedo da Fonseca. Associate professor at the Center for Education, Communication and Arts (CECA) of the State University of Londrina (UEL), André wrote 'Mansão Golden Shower' when he was still a teenager, and after many years he rescued the text and, seeing several parallels with our reality surreal of today's times, he decided to change the title and publish it.

In charge of reviewing the text, I also made several suggestions regarding the use of cinematographic, literary, musical, social references and much more, in addition to stylistic suggestions and the literary genre of acid humor. I sign the review, following the author's example, using the pseudonym Kora Bandura.

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