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Ricciotti Ensemble (Netherlands) | EMESP Tom Jobim & Projeto Guri

1 to 10 of July 2022

Accompaniment as a PT/EN and EN/PT interpreter of rehearsals, masterclasses, presentations, concerts and online meetings in the morning, afternoon and evening with the Ensemble Ricciotti (Holland) and the conductor Leonard Evers with the Symphony Orchestra of Projeto Guri, managed by Santa Marcelina Cultura.

• Rehearsals at Teatro Caetano de Campos;

• Concerts at Fundação CASA Itaquera, Hospitals Santa Marcelina Itaim Paulista, Cidade Tiradentes, Itaquera, as well as Praça do Forró, Museu Afro-Brasil and Praça Roosevelt;

• Masterclass of composition and music education at EMESP;

• Conversation with teachers of the Guri Interior Project via Zoom.


Piano Masterclass with Théo Fouchenneret  | EMESP Tom Jobim

April 2, 2022


Luke Styles Residence  | EMESP Tom Jobim

With support from the British Council

March & April/2022

03/10/2022 | Meeting with students from the Career Development Center

03/11/2022 | Meeting with professors and coordinators from EMESP and Guri State of São Paulo

03/17/2022 | Meeting with voice and singing teachers from EMESP and Guri State of São Paulo

03/18/2022 | Meeting with professors and students of the Lyric Composition Workshop at EMESP

01/04/2022 | Workshop with students and teachers of the EMESP Lyric Choir

04/05/2022 and 04/06/2022 | Additional meetings with EMESP students and professors

Workshop on electroacoustics with Pierre Jodlowski | EMESP Tom Jobim


Simultaneous translation on a dedicated Zoom channel, and later subtitling directly on YouTube.

Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 15.30.19.png

Singing and Choir Conducting Workshops with Angela Kasper | EMESP Tom Jobim


11/10/2021 | Post-pandemic Coral Singing: reflections on experiences and learning in the pandemic. What has changed in choral singing after this period?


11/11/21 | Workshop with students from EMESP's Choir Conducting class


11/11/21 | Workshop with the EMESP Community Adult Choir


Pedagogical Festival  | EMESP Tom Jobim

Opening session with Terri Lyne Carrington



Elos Sonoros Festival  | EMESP Tom Jobim & Amsterdam Conservatory

With the support of the Consulate General of the Netherlands in São Paulo

November & December/2020

Meeting of Arrangers and Composers

Tiago Costa & Johan Plomp

Music Education Webinar

Giuliana Frozoni, Adri Schreuder & Ben Hekkema

Presentation by the Pop Music Department

Vasco Rodrigues, Jack Pisters & Giuliana Frozoni


Brazilian Music Workshop | Interpretation | trumpet
Daniel D'Alcantara & Tiago Costa

women in jazz
Paula Valente, popular saxophone teacher at EMESP Tom Jobim
Lis Carvalho, popular piano teacher at EMESP Tom Jobim
Anna-Maria Nietsche, Senior Producer at the Amsterdam Conservatory
Loes Rusch, professor at the Amsterdam Conservatory

Big Band of Guri and Junior Jazz College
Paula Valente, popular saxophone teacher at EMESP
Sidnei Borgani, professor of trumpet and popular trombone at EMESP
Maartje Meijer, coordinator of the Junior Jazz College program at the Amsterdam Conservatory
Lorenzo Mignacca, professor of trumpet at the Amsterdam Conservatory

Exchange with the Juilliard School of Music | EMESP Tom Jobim


The ensemble Marry Lou Williams, made up of seven students and professor Bruce Williams, was in São Paulo as part of an exchange program between EMESP Tom Jobim and the Juilliard School of Music. The group participated in EMESP curriculum classes, and offered workshops, masterclasses, jam sessions and concerts.

Full-time participation as the ensemble's interpreter.

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